You can keep the chat window open while you browse this site! Fully loaded with Sounds and Smileys! To send a private message double click on the nick name.

Click this link to begin your chat

New! Un-moderated teen chat

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Welcome to Teen Chat! Please remember to keep your chatter safe and clean. Moderators are available   to  assist you if you have any questions or problems. You can tell who a channel moderator is by the image next to their nick.

Click this link to begin your chat, you will need to specify a nick name (screen name) that you want to use. If that name is taken you will get a notice to select a different nick name, to do that, just type /nick newnick (replace newnick with the nick you want to use).

New Un-moderated teen chat                        For a list of chat lingo and abbreviations, click here!



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